Easy to follow steps towards your Canadian Dream

We all know by now that going through life has a lot of ups and downs, bumps and curves, and highs and lows! You must have seen as well that in order to maximize the opportunities in life, you need to fully utilize all the unique superpowers (being, education, work experience, skills, etc.) and harness them towards your end goal.


Our resident licensed Canadian consultant will have you help navigate the complex application process through our easy step-by-step guidance bringing you closer to your life goal of living in Canada.  We rise by serving others!

Steps Made Easy

  • To establish baseline information versus program requirement to identify gap.
  • To identify the most suitable immigration program to those have not identify a specific immigration track.
  • To diagnose potential issues of previous refusal/s or any immigration violation to the current application.
  • Identify if you are eligible to the program and discuss the chance of your application.
  • Recommend mitigating treatments if there are potential issues in the application.
  • Provide client the price of the application including retainer agreement.
  • Answer any questions from the client (exit interview).
  • Click the “Register for Assessment Now” button.
  • Register by filling up your contact information and protect your assessment file by your own personal password.
  • Fill up the Request for Assessment form, Tell us more about you in the form and upload a photo copy of your passport.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the Service Agreement and the instruction for the assessment service fee.
  • The online portal unlocks more forms and documents for your action once the your payment is received.
    Once information upload is completed, you will receive and invitation for an hour video chat consultation with Kuya Tsong.
  • Attend the one-on-one consultation to get recommendation and answers to your questions! 
  • Goodluck!