Are you looking to Visit, Study, Work or Permanently Live in Canada?

Applying to Canada can be nerve wrecking! With numerous number of immigration programs to choose from, the choice can be an arduous and complex task. The situation can quickly become a nightmare once you start with forms filling, document preparation and you have not submitted an application yet!

 Immigration process need NOT be stressful. We will guide you from start to finish so you can FOCUS on things that matter to YOU, your FAMILY, your WORK, your LIFE! We are here to help!

*** We regret to inform you that as of February 2023, Kuya Tsong Immigration Services has ceased its operation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the trust and confidence you have placed in us over the years. It has been an honor serving you and assisting you in achieving your immigration goals.

Despite the closure of our operations, we want to assure you that the website will remain accessible to the public, and will continue to provide educational and informational content related to immigration services. We hope that our website will still be a helpful resource for you, even in the absence of our services.

Once again, we thank you for your support and patronage. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.***

Kirk Lim, RCIC

How can we help you?

Sponsor your loved ones

- Spouse or Common-law / Conjugal partner / Children / Parents / Grand Parents / Other Family members

Family Class Sponsorship

It is about time to be reunited with your loved ones here in Canada. Let us help you define a strategy to make it happen.

Apply based on your skill

Professionals, semi-professionals, trades, selected low skilled workers, health workers, caregivers, Canadian experienced, temporary workers and others.

Express Entry programs

Depending on your skill, you may be eligible for one of the many Economic Class immigration programs. Let us help you assess your eligibility and find the path best suited to your credential.

Apply for Work Permit

Temporary work permit, International students, spouse of temporary residents, LMIA application, seasonal worker and many more

Work Permit Application

To work in Canada can be rewarding. Not just from economic viewpoint but I can be your doorstep toward obtaining Permanent Resident status. Lets get the right status/permit to make this come true.

Want to Study in Canada

Students, Graduates, Masteral, PhDs, Professionals who just want to gain access to world class education in Canada.

Study Permit Application

Canada hosts a number of world-class educational institutions. Earn Canadian education which can serve as a stepping stone towards Permanent Residency!

Visiting Canada?

Visiting a family member / rekindling with long time friend / attending exhibits / touring around the scenic spots / etc.

Apply for Temporary Resident Visa

Take the stress out of coming to Canada. Explore the beauty, the food, the culture and the people of Canada. Get the professional guidance you need to make it happen.

Maintaining Legal Status

Living in Canada legally can be challenging. Having the right strategy towards citizenship will give you the peace of mind not just now but in the future as well.

Visa Extension/Citizenship

You have been working hard in Canada and it time to find out what it takes to be a Canadian citizen. Let us help you obtain the ultimate status in Canada while you focus yourself on things that matter, you life, your family and your work.

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